Saturday, 22 December 2018

Something For You sissy....

One of my overriding fantasies is of Miss coming home and showing me Her sexy black panties.  She is either still wearing them or they are presented to me.  They are a pair of panties i have bought for Her and She has either worn them to work, worn them on an evening out or worn them for a date with a lover.  In all of the scenarios there is one constant, the pretty black panties are marked with the love cream of a Real Man.  In some cases it is very fresh and obvious and in others has been there a while. 
i think i'm quite correct in saying that it is one of those things that every cuckold and budding cuckold hopes to have happen to them and it is without doubt a most humiliating and arousing experience to be shown the evidence of love making. 
So what does the sissy cuckold do when presented with such a gift?  There are many choices and those choices should always be determined by the HotWife, The Lover or both of them.  Make the sissy wear them? (Miss has done this to me in the past with a lover, Her panties removed for the wonderful hot sex She had with Her Man and then She made me wear them). Make the sissy clean the panties with her tongue?  Make the sissy hand wash them? Make the sissy keep them as a reminder of the occasion?  Make the sissy buy a new pair in exactly the same style - fully knowing that the same fate probably awaits them too?
In my fantasies Miss has made the most of an unexpected opportunity and the sex whilst quick and 'heat of the moment' was hot, passionate and wonderful.  No condoms to hand and Miss insisting that He withdraw and come where He chooses.  Her lover seizing the moment and spraying His love all over the pretty black lace, either on the front covering Her beautiful sex or splashed over the rear.  Miss relishing the feeling of His hot cream on Her panties and on Her skin and knowing that now they are marked just how perfect a present they will be for Her sissy. 
The sissy will of course be extremely grateful for even being considered. x  

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  1. When she hands me her panties I usually clean them the old fashioned my mouth....then a hand wash....then hung up to dry,,,,then folded carefully....then given a nice kiss and placed in her panty drawer!!!!