Saturday, 22 December 2018

Something For You sissy....

One of my overriding fantasies is of Miss coming home and showing me Her sexy black panties.  She is either still wearing them or they are presented to me.  They are a pair of panties i have bought for Her and She has either worn them to work, worn them on an evening out or worn them for a date with a lover.  In all of the scenarios there is one constant, the pretty black panties are marked with the love cream of a Real Man.  In some cases it is very fresh and obvious and in others has been there a while. 
i think i'm quite correct in saying that it is one of those things that every cuckold and budding cuckold hopes to have happen to them and it is without doubt a most humiliating and arousing experience to be shown the evidence of love making. 
So what does the sissy cuckold do when presented with such a gift?  There are many choices and those choices should always be determined by the HotWife, The Lover or both of them.  Make the sissy wear them? (Miss has done this to me in the past with a lover, Her panties removed for the wonderful hot sex She had with Her Man and then She made me wear them). Make the sissy clean the panties with her tongue?  Make the sissy hand wash them? Make the sissy keep them as a reminder of the occasion?  Make the sissy buy a new pair in exactly the same style - fully knowing that the same fate probably awaits them too?
In my fantasies Miss has made the most of an unexpected opportunity and the sex whilst quick and 'heat of the moment' was hot, passionate and wonderful.  No condoms to hand and Miss insisting that He withdraw and come where He chooses.  Her lover seizing the moment and spraying His love all over the pretty black lace, either on the front covering Her beautiful sex or splashed over the rear.  Miss relishing the feeling of His hot cream on Her panties and on Her skin and knowing that now they are marked just how perfect a present they will be for Her sissy. 
The sissy will of course be extremely grateful for even being considered. x  

Friday, 21 December 2018

Nice Arse!

i'm going to boast on this one.....i do have a cute arse!  Genetically gifted to me but also maintained by a relatively healthy lifestyle and a sport filled youth which continued well into my late 30's.  The buns are not as firm as they once were and i will admit to be lagging behind in my usual physical workout routine but on the whole and certainly in comparison to my peer group in age, i've got a good set of buns!
Those buns however, especially for a sissy are of no use to anyone unless delicately adorned in a pair of pretty panties.  Whilst a Real Man will enjoy having a nice firm arse with which to appeal to Women, for a sissy like me having a nice arse means that panties will look so much better. 
All of my pretty panties are either full cut with a full bottom area or French brief style.  Thongs do not cut it for me - actually, they would cut it and painfully so!  As with most lingerie and clothes there are sometimes a particular piece that fits oh so well and looks wonderful on.  These pretty blue lace panties seem to fit me perfectly and almost provide that gorgeous womanly shape when worn. 
Of course, the view from the front is considerably more disappointing to a Real Woman.  There's no getting away from the fact that tucked away in there is a tiny cock that simply cannot satisfy a Woman.  Two nights ago Miss made sure i knew that with a delightful and very truthful verbal humiliation of my cock whilst we enjoyed pleasures together in Her chamber. 
The saying went 'nice arse shame about the face'.  For me it has to be 'nice arse shame about the cock'. x

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Bridal Bliss

Is there a sissy out there who doesn't wonder what it would be like to wear a gorgeous wedding dress and go through a 'ceremony'?  Whether that 'ceremony' be with a sissy and her Mistress, or in some cases the sissy and a Real Man, or in my fantasy wedding, the sissy, my Mistress and a Real Man (even Men!).
Some years back i owned three absolutely gorgeous wedding dresses.  All three were classic vintage full Princess gown designs.  Enormously full, elaborately decorated with delightful bows and ribbons and utterly delicious to wear and feel.  All three were pure white and a mixture of heavy rustling satin, taffeta and lace.  Two of them had wonderfully large bows tied at the back for even more femininity.  They were full skirted on their own but to enhance that effect even more i added a full hooped petticoat.  To make the look so sissy perfect i also had a full net veil held to my head with a very pretty tiara band and long white lace gloves.  White 3" heels with bows completed each dress.
Just the outwear was enough to make me feel oh so girly and sissied but the femininity did not stop there.  Underneath all of this frothy delectation my lingerie.  Sometimes a full lace and satin basque with suspenders.  Sometimes a gorgeous white lace bra, panties and suspender belt.  Whatever the lingerie, it was always white stockings, either plain or beautifully patterned with bows.  When i was feeling particularly girly and cuckolded i'd wear my white satin pair of special sissy cuckold panties with the words 'sissy cuckold' embroidered over my tiny cock and three luscious layers of ruffles adorning the rear.
i had so much fun, pretending to be the bride, the ultimate experience of femininity. The dress so full and heavy, swishing over my nylons, restrictive around my waist, enhancing my breasts - a total sissy sensory overload!  i fantasised about this scenario....
My wedding day to Mistress.  A special ceremony in the appropriately named 'Chapel For Cuckold Consummation'.  Guests invited.  A 'Best Man' (A regular lover of Mistress). Friends of Mistress who know....friends of mine who know and a special group of guests...six hot studs whose function becomes clear later.  A special registrar to perform the 'ceremony'. 
Everyone is seated and when the music begins, i make my entrance.  To a mixture of oooohhhhs and ahhhhhs, i sashay and mince up the centre of the gathered guests, the rustling of my dress almost overwhelming the music.  My little cock is so hard, encased in it's pair of beautiful sissy panties.  The full dress conceals any signs of it.  My veil conceals my prettily made up face.  i could almost be a Woman but everyone knows.....i clutch my posy at my thrusting bust, my heels click loudly, the dress sways and moves with each of my mincing steps.  i am in heaven!  i hear some titters and giggles from Women which only enhances the erotic humiliation.  i reach the front and stand before the registrar. 
Then...Mistress enters, with Her 'Best Man'.  Arm in arm.  i can't see them, i'm facing forward.  All i can sense is the reaction from the guests.  It is one of complete appreciation and delight.  i want to turn round...i can't.  Then She appears beside me and oh so beautiful.  Her dress is modern and stylish yet remains feminine.  No veil.  A subtle yet sexy hint of cleavage and a long split up one side of the dress.  Not for my benefit!  Mistress looks at me and licks Her lips...i blush profusely.  Then He arrives on my other side.  Her 'Best Man'.  So much bigger than me, muscles ripping in a well cut suit.  His impressive bulge in the trousers unmistakably obvious.  He's smirking. 
A hush in the audience as the registrar speaks:
'We won't keep you long as we all know the Bride and the Best Man have more pressing things to attend to but let me first affirm with this sissy a few understandings before we dismiss her.
1. Your Mistress will consummate your marriage with a better Man, a Real Man.  A Man who will give Her the sexual pleasures you can't.
2. You will serve them both sissy in any way they choose.
3. You will be loved by your Mistress in other ways sissy and be required to pleasure Her when She wants.
4. Your own pleasure is entirely controlled by your Mistress.
To each 'understanding' i had to nod my head and say 'yes'. Once those were complete i am ordered by the registrar to leave the service in the traditional sissy cuckold way.  Taking my cue, i turn to face the guests - all of them smiling, with that knowing look of my utter humiliation.  i knew what i had to do.  Lifting the front of my dress until my panties were exposed.  My tiny cock pressing against the front but still hardly noticeable, my girly wetness so obviously seen.  Slowly i step back through the guests and almost as one the laughter erupts. 
As i leave the building, i turn to look back at Mistress but She is lost in a deep passionate tongue entwining kiss with Her 'Best Man', Her hands gripping His firm arse, His hands caressing Her back.  The laughter becomes applause. x
(i've quite enjoyed writing this so it's tempting to do a follow on - The Reception perhaps?)

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

She's Back!

If you recall from my previous blog Miss had decided that She no longer wanted to be my 'Miss' and that i was to look elsewhere....
It's now Saturday and we are off to spend the night in a hotel apartment and watch a show.  I'm still feeling very down with what happened last night.  Packing for the trip away i select as much girly femmy things as i can physically get into my case. i even almost pack a dress and blouse and skirt.  i'm thinking well why not....why not just go out on Saturday night looking completely sissied.  It's not as if Miss is bothered any more.  i pack my butt plug, might as well put that in my pussy later too.  i decide against any outer Female clothing and make up for it with more pairs of pretty bras and panties, stockings, suspender belts than i am going to need.
It's not a long drive and we get to our hotel apartment in good time to get ready.  i'm already wearing a gorgeous pink and cream lace bra and panties set with a deep suspender belt and natural stockings under my male clothes.  The bra is very noticeable through my male t-shirt.  That's how i want it to be, it makes me feel such a prissy sissy.  i've even brought my breast forms with me and as soon as we are in the apartment i am out of my male clothes, breast forms inserted into my pretty bra and am in 100% sissy mode.
The cooking facilities are basic but good enough for me to get the dinner ready for us both before we hit the town.  Miss has spent Her time showering, doing Her hair, make-up....all the things a Real Woman does.  i'm still in my pretties, enjoying the view over the city and wondering if anyone can see me.  After dinner whilst Miss gets dressed i apply my butt plug to my pussy (details of this are in an earlier blog) and then shower.  As i pass the bedroom i notice Miss dressing in a hot and sexy gold and black bra and panties set with a deep six strap suspender belt.  She is drawing up Her stockings and i ask 'Looking hot. Are you on the pull tonight?'.  She giggled and made no further comment.  As i showered i imagined Miss to actually be looking for a Real Man this evening, someone to bring home and enjoy whilst i am either banished to the outside of the apartment or made to watch. My tiny cock got quite hard thinking of that.
i chose a new set of pretty lingerie for the evening.  Pale pink bra and panties with a pink and white lace suspender belt holding up taupe stockings.  Male mode clothing on top of that in a set which Miss likes a lot, a white dress shirt and dark blue trousers.  i loved the fact that my bra lace and outline could be seen through the shirt.  i really wanted it to be noticed when we were out. Miss did not seem to notice, or if She did, made no comment.  Miss finished Her dressing with a lovely dark brown floaty dress, very classy, very up-market and added a pair of black spike heel boots.  She looked absolutely stunning.
i was still getting to terms with Miss having told me that She was no longer being my 'Miss' and i was not calling Her Miss throughout the day or the early evening.  Things seemed to change once we were at the show however.  It was here that Miss started expressing an interest in how i was coping/enjoying the butt plug.  At one point in the show She asked me to hold Her drink and called me 'sissy'.  Shock!!  So naturally i replied 'yes Miss'.  Just like that and without warning She had come back to me and my little cock twitched as my panties got slightly wet.  From being very sad and confused i was now totally focussed on Her again.  Looking at Her sexiness, knowing what She was wearing, being happy to be Her sissy.
The show was brilliant - we will be doing something similar again most certainly.  Back at the apartment Miss and i were lounging on the sofa. My butt plug was making its presence known every time i moved my position and Miss was enjoying watching me squirm with sissy delight.  i took a major gamble and asked Miss if She wanted any pleasures from me.  Her reply was very much in Her style: 'Maybe sissy.  Or maybe i'll make you kneel in front of me and you'll play with your little sissy clit into a condom'.  Oh Miss!!  Again i felt the hotness in my panties as my sissy excitement increased.  i began to gently caress Miss on Her legs, Her back and neck so pleased that She was back. 
After some minute Miss then decided that 'we should test the bed springs' and with no further encouragement needed i followed Her into the apartment bedroom.  Miss divulged Herself of Her dress to be left in Her hot sexy lingerie.  Was She still going to allow me to pleasure Her?  Indeed She was but not before She made me remove my pretty bra.  We spent some time in bed allowing our bodies to warm the bedclothes before i gently began stroking Miss through the lace and satin of Her panties.  i asked if i would need a condom and Miss said that would not be necessary.  i wanted to worship Her sex, to almost thank Her for coming back as my Miss so gently i moved down between Her stocking clad legs and gently flicked my tongue over Her panty covered sex.  Soon i had moved the panties aside and was licking gratefully at Her wonderful mons, 
Miss wanted to feel something inside Her and with only my little cock available to Her at that time instructed me to get on top.  No condom remember.  It felt wonderful to be inside Her and as always it took a huge effort not to cum prematurely.  Looking down at Miss under me, Her breasts in their sexy lace bra, Her deep suspender belt framing Her panties, Her stockings spread wide.  A sight for a Real Man to behold and one for a sissy to be incredibly grateful for.  Miss wanted me to make harder thrusts into Her 'fuck me harder sissy, like a lover would, like a Real Man'.  i did my best to comply and Miss worked Her fingers on Her clit to make up for the lack of cock inside Her.  She came hard.  'Now are you going to cum for me sissy'? She asked.
How could i not and when have i ever not??!!  i wanted to last as long as i could and perhaps i tried to hard to last.  Miss had enjoyed Her cum, Her pleasure had been had, She really did not have to then allow me to have any pleasure at all.  i kept stopping myself from cumming and looked down to see Miss looking somewhat bored and indifferent.  It was if She was just going through the motions now.  This was not pleasure for Her, it was something She had hoped would be over quickly - as it usually is!  For a sissy however this just aroused me even more and made me fully realise that my little cock was not providing Her with the slightest bit of fulfilment - even after Her orgasm.  i knew then, knew that this was, in Her mind, rubbish sex, that being 'fucked' (hardly the right word!) by a sissy is always going to disappoint.  Miss sensed i'd noticed, i think She could tell i had recognised the signs so to further the erotic humiliation She told me that She could hardly feel my cock.  That did it....i moaned and whimpered like the prissy sissy i am, feeling my girly cum wash over me as the tiny spurts of sissy juice weakly ejaculated from my small cock.
i held Her close and told Her that i love Her so much.  We fell asleep very quickly.
In the morning, i had added a very pretty baby doll before going into the kitchen area to make tea for Miss.  i duly delivered this to Her and sneakily crept back into the bed beside Her.  Something i would never do at home without permission!  As is always the case in the mornings, i was feeling very horny and sissied. i'd just woken up next to Miss, actually slept with Her, She'd let me quite clearly know with subtle body language during our coupling that my efforts the night before were that of a pantywaist. i took another chance and told Her that i was still horny and would She maybe allow me to play with my excuse of a cock into a condom and help me with some teasing and humiliation? Not until you've made me another cup of tea sissy was Her reply.  Some things will never change!
Initially, Miss wrapped Her lovely fingers around my little cock and gently stroked me up and down.  Her comments were wonderfully belittling and cutting. 'Not very big is it sissy'....'Not much a cock at all'......Real Men have much more than this sissy'.  i got as hard as i could do with such humiliation and got permission from Miss to put a condom on.  Too me there are not many more demeaning things than to have to wear a condom in front of my Miss.  Once it was on i took over the duties of working my cock up and down.  Miss was in wonderful form with Her verbal assault on my manhood.  'I'm amazed the condom has not come off sissy, it's that small'.....Can you cum sissy, I bet it's not much when you do'.....'Pathetic little sissy squirts'......Not like a Real Man cums sissy, Real Men don't wear panties do they sissy'.  i had no chance of lasting more than a few minutes before my sissy spurts (perhaps two or three) dribbled out into the condom.  i moaned so girlishly, rubbing my free hand over my suspender belt, totally agreeing with everything Miss was saying with girly 'Oh yes Miss' replies.
Breakfast, made by me, another shower for us both, new bra and panties for me and then time to go back home.  We had a great time away.  Miss loved the show and i was so pleased that She has not followed through with Her intention to 'not be my Miss anymore'.  The last few days have confirmed that as She has been referring to me as 'sissy' and me Her as 'Miss'.  i can't explain what happened on Friday the way it did.  Miss hasn't explained either.  Maybe no explanation is needed? 
A very emotional rollercoaster for me over that weekend.  i'm sure Miss would have been having some deep thoughts as well.  She's back. x

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Miss Resigns.....

There are two parts to this particular blog so please read the second instalment as well which i will publish tomorrow or shortly after that.  You'll see why i became very confused, sad and for a moment, felt very lonely.....
This blog and the next one should be read as taking place before and during the time Miss and i enjoyed my butt plug experience.
Miss and i had had a silly fall-out on Wednesday morning.  It was early in the morning and with both of us scurrying about in the semi dark trying to get things done, tension was high, time short and patience thin.  A silly argument about lights with Miss leaving for work in a bad mood (despite looking so sexy in Her work outfit) and me feeling miserable because She was cross.  i visited relatives for the next two nights and communication between Miss and i was sparse.  Roll forward to Friday evening and Miss dropped Her bombshell....
As i sat next to Her on our sofa in my pretty candy pink chiffon baby doll nightie, white lace bra and white lace panties Miss said: 'I don't want to be your Mistress anymore, you'll have to go and find someone else'.  Just like that!   My thoughts:  'Did She mean this?  Was this a punishment for me? Is this a prelude to asking me to leave or Her leaving?'
i can't remember much of the conversation that followed word for word but it ended up with me telling Miss that i could find another Miss online through sites such as Fetlife and similar and that maybe She could use something like that to find something for Herself?  Miss more or less said that it would be up to me if i wanted a sexual relationship with anyone from such a site.  This was not going well at all for me.  i don't want any other Miss, i only want Her, my one, the one i love.  i just could not believe what was coming from Her mouth - was it a bluff call, to see how i'd react?  Maybe She really meant it??  Either way, we retired as usual to our separate chambers.  Tomorrow was our big night out at a show.  How would that work out with the mood now as it was?? x

Monday, 26 November 2018

No Ifs...Just Butts!

Quite a long time between blogs - apologies.  Sooooooo much has happened in the last week or so!
Towards the end of October Miss took my sissy pussy virginity with a strap-on.  i wrote a blog entry to describe this wonderful experience and what it meant to me as a sissy.  At the time, Miss and i decided that my pussy would be best trained for the strap-on at two weekly intervals.  Sadly, that has not happened.  Miss does sometimes say things and forgets what She has said or gets very busy or tired but it is certainly not my place to remind Her of that. 
One night about 10 days ago i was looking at one of my favourite adult clothing and accessories sites on the web.  i was thinking of perhaps getting Miss something hot and sexy for a potential lover (She's still looking apparently??) but instead was totally distracted by this:
My first ever butt plug!  i just had to have it and messaged Miss for permission.  She gave me that permission but also missed the rest of my message asking Her if there was anything She might want for Herself  - hopefully She'll think of something soon.  It's not a huge one, 2.5" in height, 1" width at its widest but it is perfect for a 'pussy beginner sissy' like me.  Expensive too, considering its size but when it arrived i could see why.  Beautifully crafted, a solid weight and this delightfully sissy jewel enhancement in the base:
Isn't that so delightfully girly??  Pink!  i also ordered some lube at the same time.  Bearing in mind my pussy had only previously been penetrated by Miss with the strap-on so my reasoning was that if i was to fully appreciate being fucked by Her again then a device like this would be perfect in assisting that goal. 
The day it arrived i just had to try it.  Miss had given me permission to use it whenever i felt like it.  i failed miserably.  Hardly any of it inside my pussy before i chickened out.  Not good!  However things changed this weekend.  Miss and i had a great time away watching a show with an overnight stop - my next blog details this - and it was on this occasion that i made a concerted effort to plug my pussy.
Lots of lube, on my fingers and in my pussy.  Lube also on the plug.  Gentle insertion at first and ohhhhh, so hot and searing.  i could not give up again.  Miss was in the shower of our hotel room and i simply had to get it in before She got out.  Of course there was pain but i knew that to get past that pain was what i needed to do.

One last push and my pussy was plugged!  Oh, such a glorious sensation!  I felt it fill me and the heat subsided to be replaced by a feeling of total bliss as my pussy relaxed and accepted its pleasure.  Such pleasure!  i could not wait to tell Miss and when She knew what i had done She seemed very impressed.  Now....would i be able to 'enjoy' it for the next five or six hours??  Oh yes!!  Initially, it made me walk with a slight buttock clenching gait but soon that disappeared.  Sitting?  Heavenly!! 

During our evening out together Miss made occasional references to my butt plug, asking me how i felt and could i feel it, was i enjoying it.  It was so good that She cared and wanted to know what i was experiencing.  Miss has had anal experiences of Her own, with plugs, toys, my tiny cock and of course from Real Men with much bigger cocks.  i think Miss was impressed with how i was handing it in my pussy and when we made love later that evening my plug was still there and adding to the pleasures Miss gave me. 

Taking it out??  Well... i actually did not want to do it.  Or should i say my pussy was very reluctant to let it out - almost as if it wanted to be plugged for longer.  It had to come out though and with a small bit of pain, i eased it from my pussy before sleeping.  Perhaps next time i should go the whole night with it in? 

i'm so pleased that i did this and the reaction, encouragement and empathy from Miss made it extra-special for me.  i fully appreciate that Miss might not be fully into it every two weeks to fuck my pussy as we arranged with a strap-on so in the meantime and to get my pussy ready for further fuckings, this little plug is going to be a great toy.  It has made me feel even more of a sissy, more girly, more femme and so much more in touch with my real self. x

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Not Good Enough sissy

Miss was in the mood for some pleasures last night.  She had agreed to give me a treat earlier in the week by wearing stockings and suspenders to work one day but for some reason completely forgot and went to work in tights instead.  She had however left Her gorgeously sexy lingerie on Her bed in Her chambers (proof of intent) and i noticed it laid out when i went upstairs to clean. i texted Miss that i had seen the lingerie and She texted me back to apologise (She should never apologise), that She had forgotten and would wear something sexy later.  i made no assumption that this would be for me!
Later that evening however, Miss came down from Her chambers dressed most deliciously in a beautiful deep pink long Olga gown, hot black panties with a wonderful full lace rear and natural hold-up stockings.  i had already changed into something more appropriate for a sissy and was in a pretty white full lace bra and panties set, white lace/silk suspender belt, natural stockings and a gorgeous white double layer  chiffon baby doll nightie.
It was torture for most of the evening as Miss was sat next to me on the sofa all resplendent in Her finery and looking so good.  My tiny cock was hardening in my panties and i was just dying for Miss to say it was time to go to Her chambers.  Maybe She would simply leave me high and dry but thankfully at long last She called me to follow Her up.  Miss insisted that i remove my pretty bra and breast forms first.  Maybe they get in the way for Her but i was not going to argue. 
We lay on the bed together and i enjoyed caressing Miss through Her Olga gown, feeling for the panties and Her stockings. Miss caressed my little cock through my panties and i could not help but get very wet and as hard as i could be.  i think Miss was looking for me to make some sort of move first as She seemed to be growing impatient.  It was not long however until She asked if i would like to take Her from behind.  It feels very odd as a sissy to be asked if i would like anything sexually - after all, it is not my role to initiate - instead i am meant to respond to Her demands.  It has been a very long time since i have been behind Miss, this is a position i normally associate a Real Man and His Woman to adopt. 
i do however have to admit that seeing Miss on Her knees with Her gown pulled up, Her stockings showing and those gorgeous black lace panties beautifully framing Her arse aroused me hugely.  Miss made absolutely no mention of condoms and i did not ask about them either.  On the occasions that Miss does allow me to be inside Her i always like Her to keep Her panties on.  My cock is small enough to slip to the side of them and to me, it makes for a highly erotic visual treat.  Miss....Her tiny cock...Her stockings.
Miss told me She was going to cum even though She required the use of Her fingers to make up for my inadequate cock.  She wanted me to cum with Her but again, unless it is said as an order i feel that Miss, in Her superior capacity is entitled to enjoy Her orgasm before i am gratefully allowed mine.  Once She had cum i knew that i would not last long - as usual!  The sight before me was so erotic and the feelings of being allowed insider Her so overwhelming.  i moaned like a pantywaist sissy, girlish gasps and sighs of pleasure and when my cum arrived, the few weak spurts of sissy juice leaking into Miss, i ran my hands over my baby doll and stockings. i told Miss i love Her and Miss made no attempts to banish me from Her chambers.  It was so nice to be cuddling up to Her and i very nearly fell asleep with Her but my body core temperature, always very high at night, made it unbearable to sleep and not wanting to disturb Miss, i crept back to my own chambers.
This morning Miss made some comments though that have confused me.  She told me that i had to learn to initiate more foreplay with Her and that this should be a natural thing for a 'male' to do.  i was somewhat lost for words though as being a sissy i can't grasp that concept.  It does not come naturally to me to make moves or to do things to Miss - without Her telling me first.  Let's not get the lines blurred.  i so want to do those things, such as kiss Her and caress Her breasts, gently touch Her sex and anything else considered to be foreplay however as a sissy i need to be told to do them. 
Miss has now gone out shopping and i sit here doing this blog still with my mind in a state or turmoil.  i KNOW that compared to a Real Man that i am sexually inadequate yet i also know that i can pleasure Miss.  i did feel a little hurt at Her comments but strangely also flattered.  As a sissy, to be derided by your superior Female for poor sexual technique is not a horrible thing but again my mind struggles to understand how i can be good enough for Her when She wants pleasuring?  Would it need Miss to say, as a command, something like 'sissy, I'm jut going to do nothing for now and you are going to worship my body'?  i could relate to something like that.
That was the first time in 5 weeks that Miss has allowed me to enjoy pleasures with Her.  What could this be leading to? x

Thursday, 15 November 2018

How Would i Know?

A hypothetical blog posting from me today because it is something i have been thinking about a lot recently.  The question in the title is 'how would i know'?  By that i mean how would i know if Miss was having some fun?  Three specific events have triggered these thoughts of mine:
1. What Stephanie (whom i believe to be a Female blog follower) said about a month ago on one of my posts.  Stephanie commented that Miss, like all Real Women, will have sexual needs - needs that are more than likely not satisfied by a sissy.  She elaborated that this is not to mean that there is no love and no physical love between the superior Female and Her sissy, rather that those aspects of physical satisfaction that a sissy does not provide can only be met by a Real Man.  Stephanie stated that, in Her view, it is a case of 'when' rather than 'if' that Miss will find that satisfaction.
2.  The two things Miss said in a matter of days apart.  'I need a lover'....'I'm already doing that sissy' (response to my question 'would you like me to find you a lover with a big cock Miss'?).
So let's hypothetically assume that Miss had that need and has done something about it.  Does it necessarily follow that She would let me know?  Indeed, Stephanie also said that Miss might chose Her time to let me know that She has been having some fun. 
From my perspective i would also have to consider the perspective of a lover.  Her lover.  Imagine being a Real Man and being told pretty much straight away by a hot sexy Woman such as Miss that She has a sissy and thus revealing all of the intricacies surrounding that dynamic.  That might well be a bit too much for a Real Man to cope with at first, especially if they had not yet become physically involved.  After all, a hotwife/cuckold sissy dynamic is not a usual thing to encounter.  So could it be possible that Miss is having some great sex with a Real Man already and does not wish to scare Him off with such a revelation just yet?
What if Miss thinks that such a revelation to Him, at any stage, would scare Him off?  Would She keep having the fun with him?  All hypothetical of course!  If the sex was great then perhaps so but would that run the chance that i might find out when i'm not supposed to?  Personally i don't think that Miss would play that game.  What She might do however, to protect both Her pleasures with Him or maybe there's more than one 'Him' perhaps find subtle or not so subtle ways to include me without Her lover(s) knowing i know?  Complicated or what??!! 
Well there's subtle and there's not so subtle ways and the following are a few things, that should they ever happen, would get my mind racing and my little cock wetting my panties with excitement:
Making/taking secretive phone calls.  Leaving the room when taking a call but making sure i could just about hear the tone of the conversation.
Dressing sexily for work.  Not necessarily for someone at work but perhaps after work.
Coming home later than usual on days where usually a set time of arrival is expected.  Phoning or texting to say there's been a change of plan and coming home later.  No reason given.
Going out with 'friends' on an evening on a same day or days of the week.
Not So Subtle:
Having a condom in Her purse/bag and making sure i see it.  A different type of condom on different days.
Spare panties in Her purse/bag.  Making sure i see them.
Wearing stockings on more occasions than wearing tights.
Handing me Her lingerie to launder - knowing that some of Her panties will have signs of arousal in them.
Calling out the name of a lover during any pleasures that Miss allows me to give Her.
All of the above are not exhaustive.  There could and probably are lots more ways, subtle and not so subtle.  How would i react??  I don't actually know!  Other than the excitement and arousal would i be expected to pick up on these signs as deliberate triggers so that Miss would then fully expect me to ask questions which in turn would give Her the moment She has waited for - Her chance to reveal?  x 

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Cumming Like A Girl

As i have written before in my blogs, i have a very high sex drive.  The desire and need to orgasm at least once a day is very strong within me.  It would be very easy for me to touch and play with myself whenever i felt like it and the temptation to do so is incredibly strong.  However, being a sissy, it is absolutely my duty to seek orgasm permission from my superior Female.  Miss is yet to put me in any form of physical chastity (ohhhhh, i wish She would!) and therefore my little cock, nestling in my pretty panties is free to become aroused  - and become aroused it regularly does!
What i must not do though is constantly ask Miss for that permission.  She does not need to be persistently badgered by me for my own sexual satisfaction.  Miss is fully aware of my high sex drive and quite rightly uses that 'power' to Her own advantage and control.  Having a rampant sissy playing with her tiny cock whenever she felt like it would not constitute a proper FLR so it follows that i must ask for orgasm permission at a rate of perhaps 2 or 3 times a week.  Without Her control, then there is the danger of my less than manly cock controlling things and therefore preventing me from being the true girly sissy i am.
So when Miss does grant permission i make very sure that i become the most sissied i can be in both a physical and mental way so that my orgasm will be the most feminine and girly orgasm possible. 
It goes without saying that in order to cum like a sissy i have to be dressed appropriately.  The bare minimum being a pretty bra (ideally with forms inserted) and panties set.  Attire may also include suspenders and stockings, a gorgeous nightgown or baby doll or perhaps even fully dressed femme in blouse/skirt or a nice dress.  How can a sissy possibly even come close to cumming like a girl if not dressed like a girl?
Unfortunately and even though my cock is small, it does exist and therefore it has to be stimulated in order for me to cum.  It is an inescapable inconvenience that i have to masturbate it just like Real Men do with their superior and larger cocks.  Where i can adapt though is with use of the free hand.  This i use to rub the area above my little cock as if i am massaging 'my clitoris'.  With the same circular motion i can, with eyes closed, imagine that i am working my clit.  If i am able to keep my poor excuse for a hardness hard then brief caresses with both hands of my stockings, panties, bra, breast forms - any of the items of clothing - or the same with just one hand is another technique i use to keep me feeling girly. 
i find that my playing with myself seems to be a very passive experience.  i know what i'm doing to myself but it almost feels as if someone else is doing it to me.  Does that seem strange?  Prior to the actual cumming i will moan and sigh in my best sissy way - trying to imitate the pre-climax noises Real Women might make.  An occasional lick of the lips or a coquettish soft bite of the bottom lip, maybe even some flirty eye rolling as well.  As my girly orgasm approaches i will often touch the middle of my pretty bra with my whole hand, fingers upwards in an oh so feminine gesture. 
Then when i know i can no longer tease any more pleasures out of the moments and my sissy girl cum begins to wash over me so the moans become louder and i may even moan out 'Oh Miss, Oh Miss'.  My weak pulses of sissy cum will have twitched into my condom by now but i'll still be oooohhhhing and ahhhhhhing. My hips might buck, i might squeeze one of my breast forms, my mind will have reached it's own cum (thoughts of Miss) and my body follows - almost like two cums! 
That is how i try to cum like a girl.  So different to the grunts and animalistic, dominant, triumphant exertions of a Real Man but for me so much more fitting and proper.  x

Friday, 2 November 2018

Pleasuring Herself

Miss is of course just like most normal Women in that they have sexual needs.  Where Miss differs certainly is that most Women don't live with a sissy, a sissy with a little cock, a sissy who fails to provide the sexual pleasures that a Real Man provides.  So imagine being Miss.  You are feeling horny, something or someone has turned you on, there's no 'Real Man' around at the time and an urge needs taking care of.  What are your options?
1. Make use of your sissy
2. Pleasure yourself
Yesterday early evening Miss was verbally running through a list of the things She had to do and when She paused i interjected with '....and play with your Mons'? (Mons being an alternative word for pussy).  Miss was exceptionally quick with Her reply. 'I did that already yesterday'.  The way She said it was so gorgeously dismissive and so beautifully matter-of factly stated that my tiny cock pulsed and twitched in my panties.
i instantly tried to work out where and when Miss might have had a play with Herself.  It dawned on me that it was likely to have been during the late afternoon when i went on an emergency shopping trip.  i had already brought Miss Her cup of tea after She'd had an afternoon nap and went straight out to get the shopping.  It must have been then that She enjoyed playing with Herself and no doubt enjoyed a wonderfully hard cum. 
Miss could have chosen option 1 and made use of my tongue, fingers or my little cock (although the latter is always going to disappoint) but instead chose option 2.  Naturally my mind wandered as to what Miss was thinking of when She played.  It's not for me to ask Her directly of course - unless She orders me to.  Miss had been on a late evening work meeting the day before and came home to change for it.  She went to that meeting looking stunning in a lovely dress i previously bought for Her.  i texted Her to let Her know that 'Real Men' would be looking at Her and desiring Her.  Did something like that happen?  Was there some flirting involving Miss?  i would not be surprised considering how good She looked.  Maybe that was what Miss had Her play over? 
Whatever Her reasons it was so erotically humiliating to 'not be needed' by Her.  For the subtle message was clearly 'I can do better myself than you can with your excuse for a cock'.  Such sissy bliss!  Personally i have not had a play with myself since last Saturday and i am aching for release.  i can only get this release by seeking permission from Miss or if She involves me in Her pleasures.  i think i might ask Miss today if She will let me have a play.
The skirt Miss bought a few weeks ago was deemed by Her to be unsuitable for work.  However, Miss was looking again online last night and has ordered one like this:
It's a gorgeous skirt and according to Miss, very much on trend.  She will look fantastic i'm sure and i'm also quite jealous as i'd love too have one or two like that myself. What are the chances She might wear it with stockings?? If Miss likes Hers then i hope She knows all She has to do is say so and i will get Her more of the same or similar?   Miss has the shape for this sort of skirt.  i saw a Woman wearing one just like it a few days ago and it was beautiful.  It swished and swayed delightfully over Her legs and curves and the pleats were oh so feminine.  It would be heavenly to see Miss go out to work in this sort of skirt.  Hmmmm.  She'd be noticed!!
We are hosting guests tonight for dinner.  Regrettably for me it will have to be boring drab male clothes on show but underneath i'm going to choose this set to wear. 

A most frothy and girly set of dainty pink with cream lace camisole top (ultra thin straps), matching pink and cream lace edged French knickers and a gorgeous pink suspender belt.  Natural stockings will be my choice. 
Looking forward to feeling delightfully girly and sissied - if only beneath the surface. x

Thursday, 1 November 2018

The Joy Of Suspender Belts

Also titled 'The Joy Of Garter Belts' for those American readers...
Both terms for this most delightful item of Female lingerie are in themselves a turn on.  Why?  Because whenever a suspender belt (or garter belt) is being worn then it goes without saying that so are stockings.
Before that passion killing person (whoever it was) invented tights, Women had to have something to hold up their stockings and to keep them that way for as long as they needed them up.  Indeed during some periods of history, Men were also wearing stockings although they tended to secure them with traditional garters and not a belt as such.  Thus the suspender belt was born and to this day it remains a highly erotic item of Female clothing.
They provide a 'frame'  - running across the waist with it's support band and fastening and then the suspender straps themselves falling vertically to the front, sides and/or rear of the wearers' legs.  Visually the suspender belt surrounds the panties (if worn!) and thus 'frames' the most enchanted place on a Woman - Her pussy.  Women know this of course, which is why, on the whole, suspender belts are worn when they are feeling sexy, want to have sex (by turning their lover on who sees it) or they just don't like tights.
Since they are made first and foremost for Women, suspender belts, in their most attractive form, are designed to match the rest of the lingerie being worn.  Lace, satin, leather, silk - all readily available.  There are suspender belts designed to be worn mainly for the bedroom and then there are those which can be worn all day for both functionality and fun.  Four suspender straps is the norm but this can easily rise to 8, 10 12 or more for the even more kinky types.  A Real Woman knows that if She wants to drive a Real Man wild then wearing a suspender belt is pretty much going to guarantee Her getting some attention.
For a sissy the wearing of suspender belts is just as thrilling.  It means that stockings will have to be worn as well.  The process of attaching the clips to the stockings and then the truly gorgeous sensation of feeling the suspenders pulling and tugging is a delicious reminder of them being worn.  Then there's the visual treat of noticing suspender straps under a skirt.  If you are not lucky enough to be able to feel for them then the second best thing is to be able to notice them.  Usually when a skirt tightens.  It's not a common sight but for the discerning eye it can still be recognised.
When i wear a dress or skirt then i try to find ones that provide subtle hints of suspender strap outlines when the material tightens or stretches.  Suspender belts feature quite heavily in porn from the 80's and 90's.  My early recollections of porn films regularly featured Women wearing suspender belts either from the start of the 'action' under their dresses/skirts or scenes where they are down to their lingerie already.  Just as with all lingerie the sight of a Real Mans love seed jetting out and onto a suspender belt is very arousing to me. 
Miss has several suspender belts and looks seriously hot in them.  They are not worn as much these days as She used to - or maybe She does but i don't get to know about it?  i have as many as twenty suspender belts in a variety of colours and they are all very pretty and very girly.  Worn to affirm and confirm that i am a sissy.  x 

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

The Joy Of Panties

It is quite likely that the first thing most sissies tried on during their journey into girly sissiness was a pair of panties.  Panties.  Even the word has a gorgeous girly sound to it.  In the UK the most common word is 'knickers' which i find quite a dull word.  Panties however is a much more suitable word to describe a wondrous and delightful item of Female lingerie.
To the sissy that does not want to be discovered or caught a pair of panties are easily worn beneath drab outer male clothing and the secret is safe.  To the sissy that wants to be caught, humiliated by their Mistress or who lives a bit on the edge then panties can also be subtly 'seen' or 'noticed' in a variety of ways.  In all cases though, since the panties are directly in contact with our 'clitties'  it is no surprise that for just about all sissies, owning and wearing them is the bare minimum gesture in order to consider oneself a proper sissy.
A full time sissy, such as myself will have many pairs.  In my instance i own a pretty pair of panties to match every bra that i have.  i also own several pairs of 'standalone' panties which come into play on particular occasions.  My custom made embroidered (with humiliating words) panties are amongst my very favourites.  i think most sissies will concur when i say that the best panties (for us) are the more feminine and pretty pairs.  Those with lots of delightful lace, ribbons, bows and other girly adornments.
Styles?  Oh so many!  My favourites are brief styles, i can't stand thongs!  A full rear panty is a must for me and even better if they are sheer or semi-sheer at the back.  Lace and silky satins are preferable to cotton but that's not to say a pair of cotton panties can't be pretty and feminine either.  Miss has some gorgeous panties - many of which i have bought for Her.  Pairs to feel pretty in, pairs to feel comfortable in and pairs to feel sexy in.  i only own one pair of black panties - it's not exactly a sissy colour - whereas Miss has several pairs of hot sexy black panties.  Panties for a lover to appreciate. 
Fortunately i am blessed with a tiny cock which  - unless hard - does not offer too much of an unsightly bulge in my panties.  Even with a small cock it is still almost impossible to wake up without some sort of hardness when wearing panties.  Similarly to bras, there's something highly arousing about seeing a pair of panties decorated with cum.  When Miss is feeling particularly generous She has allowed me to spurt my pathetic sissy cummies onto Her panties whilst She is wearing them and has also made me cum into my own panties in front of Her.  When you have such a small cock it is quite easy to do.  i also love those scenes in porn where the Real Man empties His love over the front or rear of a Woman's panties - again best done on a black pair.  As a sissy, i imagine myself being shown the panties later or being told to clean them up. 
i can't remember the last time i wore 'man pants'.  When there's such a wonderful choice of panties to wear, when there's the delightful sensation of feeling them against my tiny cock, when there's the humiliation factor of 'being caught' - why would any sissy want to?? x  

Friday, 26 October 2018

The Joy Of A Bra

i think this will resonate with many sissies out there.  The wearing of a bra is just something so distinctively 'sissy' - wouldn't you agree?  Real Women wear them for the obvious - they have breasts to support.  That's a purely functional reason.  Then of course, with those breasts often being a focal for sexual attraction, arousal and play for both Men and Women, comes the follow on progression of making a bra sexy/pretty as well as functional. 
But there is no real functional reason for a sissy to wear a bra unless you are going to wear breast forms too.  That, to me, is what perhaps makes the 'bra' the most sissy item of clothing for a sissy to wear.  There is just simply nothing of any equivalence in a Man's wardrobe.
Women                                         Men
Panties                                           Briefs
Stockings                                       Socks
Blouse                                            Shirt
Skirt/Trousers                                Trousers
Bra                                                 ???
i can't decide what is the most sissy thing though:  Wearing a bra on a flat chest or wearing one with breast forms?  I suppose it depends on the situation.  When i'm dressed in drab male clothes then a bra underneath is most certainly a reminder of the real inner sissy - my real self.  There are no breast forms in this instance but i can still feel the straps and the back band as a constant reminder of my girlishness.  There's also the thrill of having it seen or noticed, especially through a thin top or a tight top - something that can be helped by adjusting a strap in public or pulling one of the cups down. 
When i'm wearing a bra with my breast forms then i will also be totally dressed as a sissy with every item of clothing being Female.  To me that just seems right.  i am more likely to be my most girly, submissive and feminine when my bra is 'filled'. 
In porn i particularly like seeing the Women keeping their bras on during the action.  Or if not entirely on, lifting their breasts from their cups.  Another delight is seeing the Man or Men with them emptying their love onto the bras.  The whiteness of their seed contrasting beautifully on black or red lace.  i have been known to wriggle and squirm quite girlishly as, on screen, streaks of semen have splashed and adorned pretty bras. 
i own many bras.  Almost 30 of them. Each with their own matching panties and virtually all of them being of a pretty design.  Lace, satin, bows, ribbons - the girly things.  There is hardly a day where i am not, at some time, wearing a pretty bra.  As much as i can, i go through a routine in the morning of selecting what gorgeous bra and panties set i will wear for the day and once on will check myself in a full length mirror.  It's such a thrill to run my hands over the bra cups, the straps, to turn and check my look from all sides. 
Evening time and usually a fresh bra after a shower - with the matching panties of course!  Insert breast forms and slip on a gorgeous girly baby doll or frothy full length gown.  Now my bra is full and presses out, the cups pushing forward, the weight on my straps increasing, the back band tightening.  If my baby doll nightie is sheer then the wonderful sight of the bra lace visible through it is truly delightful. Waking up with my bra still on, its cups full is so arousing.  My little cock damp in my panties as i caress my 'breasts' through the delicate bra material. 
Yes, a bra is perhaps the most distinctively sissy item of clothing that a genetic but sissy minded male could wear.  Thank you Gossard, Triumph, Freya, Lepel, Curvy Kate, Playtex, Panache, Fantasie, Charnos and all you other lingerie manufacturers.  Keep them pretty, keep them girly, keep them coming and.....keep us cumming! x

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Watch And Learn sissy....

  • Watch sissy, as He kisses me and how I kiss Him back.
  • Learn sissy, how a Real Man kisses a Woman
  • Watch sissy, as I grind against Him
  • Learn sissy, how a Real Man makes a Woman want Him.
  • Watch sissy, as He caresses me and makes me wet for Him
  • Learn sissy, how a Woman gives Him the signs to take Her
  • Watch sissy, as He removes my clothing
  • Learn sissy, how a Real Man can arouse a Woman
  • Watch sissy, as my lingerie, which you bought, is revealed to Him
  • Learn sissy, how a Real Man appreciates it
  • Watch sissy, as He licks, sucks and kisses my petals
  • Learn sissy, how a Real Man pleasures me orally
  • Watch sissy, as His gorgeous cock makes yours look so inadequate
  • Learn sissy, how He uses it to make me let Him do anything
  • Watch sissy, the pleasure on my face as He enters me
  • Learn sissy, as He takes me to places you can never do
  • Watch sissy, how We move together, enjoying each other
  • Learn sissy, as We whisper mutual words of encouragement and appreciation
  • Watch sissy, how I moan in pleasure as I cum hard for him
  • Learn sissy, as you see what a Real Man does
  • Watch sissy, how He cums hard for me
  • Learn sissy, as We rest before we do it again
i've never been concealed in a cupboard or wardrobe when Miss has enjoyed Her lovers.  i can imagine that some sissies have been.  Are those thoughts above, the thoughts of what their Mistress is thinking whilst She is enjoying Her Man?   Have the Mistress and Her sissy arranged it that way? Is the lover unaware this is going on?  Risky stuff!! 
Maybe the Mistress is not ready to tell the lover just yet of Her sissy cuckold?  Maybe She doesn't want to and is only using this scenario for a once only session - allowing the sissy some erotic humiliation? Maybe the lover will prove to be such an exceptional bed partner that She will tell Him before their next meeting? 
In a Mistress, lover, cuckold sissy relationship my view is that for it to work best for everyone  - then everyone should know - eventually! x

Saturday, 20 October 2018

A Bit Of Role Reversal

Miss is away tonight with relatives and i am home alone.  No sympathy needed - sympathy can be found in the dictionary between shit and syphilis....Before She left however and as She playfully snapped the back band of my pretty bra under my male t-shirt (i love it when She does this), Miss told me that i could have one play (with my little cock) in Her absence.
So many things i could do to get me turned on and so many fantasies i could come up with but as i made my evening meal i thought i'd try something different tonight.  I.....would be.....the....HotWife!!  What??  You, why not?  A bit of role reversal.  i'll imagine that i am a HotWife and that i have a cuck sissy and of course...a hot Real Man lover. 
So what to wear?  How about a lusciously sexy hot red vintage Olga long length nightgown.  Under that?  Well, black lace of course.  A scintillating black lace bra, a sexy and seductive black suspender belt, sexy black lace panties and natural stockings.  Here is my HotWife attire:
Red and black lingerie are without doubt colours worn by Real Women to declare a sexy mood.  So here's my black lace bra showing deliberately under my Olga gown so that my lover can have no doubt that i want Him to see my heaving breasts and then to kiss, lick and suck them.  i will make sure that my sissy knows He is doing this to me.  i might send my sissy a text picture or maybe even phone her so that she can listen to Him wok His magic on me.
My sheer back black lace panties.  i want my lover to see my arse as it is ready and available for His pleasure.  i will moan like a slut as He pleasures me there and i will definitely text my sissy to let her know that He is going to pleasure me anally and that i am so wet and excited about it.
My lover insists that i wear stockings for Him.  My sissy wears stockings but that is a sign of her girlish humiliation and inadequacy as a Man.  i will text a picture to my sissy of my lover between my legs with my stockings wrapped around His back.  i might even leave my phone on so that my sissy can hear the pleasure i am getting from His huge wonderful cock.  sissy will know that she never gives me that level of satisfaction.  sissy will be even more humiliated knowing that the lingerie i am wearing in the pictures i send will be the set i made her buy for me with the full knowledge that i will be wearing it for my stud lover.
So....what shall i use as a visual stimulant to accompany my 'role reversal' switch fantasy idea?  How about this video clip?
i love this one.  Miss T is a very convincing Mistress and specialises in cuckolding clips.  There is not much sissy reference in Her clips but plenty of hard cuckolding.  She plays Her part wonderfully and is definitely into what She is doing. 
Now i'm dressed like a HotWife but back to having the psyche of a sissy cuckold.  Almost schizophrenic! No....always and forever a sissy.  This is just a bit of fun but the clip will certainly make me cum - into a condom - just as my lovely Miss expects. x