Friday, 22 March 2019

A Thing For Tights...

....or Pantyhose as they are called over the pond.  Actually, i quite like that term for them - 'pantyhose' - might be because it contains the word 'panty'??
(full sheer to waist tights, gorgeous vintage style red lace panties and my little clit encased behind it all)
Up until recently i've not considered tights to be sexy - not in the slightest.  All of that has changed.  Ok, they are still not as sexy as stockings and suspenders but i am going to have to admit, tights CAN be sexy.  Day to day at work Miss is a wearer of tights.  She used to wear stockings and suspenders on Fridays in what was known as 'stockings Fridays' but this has long since gone by the wayside.  Despite that i still do find Her considerably sexy in tights, especially if the panties She is wearing underneath them are lacy.  i have a particular fantasy of Miss coming home from work one day with evidence of some hot passionate lovemaking clearly visible on Her tights, especially over the front or back of them at the panty area.  Hmmmmm. 

(my favourite view of tights - i think they enhance my sissy tushy quite nicely!)
It seemed logical to me then to try them for myself.  To see if i could enjoy wearing them and to see if they aroused me and if they could have the effect of making me still feel like a sissy.  The result?  They do!  My first pair actually came from Miss a few weeks ago.  i had mentioned to Her that i was thinking of trying on a pair and within minutes She had found me a pair of Her own, a pair of natural coloured tights, and handed them to me - wow!  Needless to say, I wore them that day over a pair of pretty white lace panties and the arousal was wonderful - made even more so by the fact that they had, at some time, been worn by Miss.  It goes without saying that i enjoyed them to the full by creaming into them with my sissy squirts.
So now I have added to that pair with three more of my own.  An online order from StockingsHQ which arrived yesterday.  1x Black, 1x Barely Black and 1x Natural.  i'm discovering the massive differences between wearing them and wearing stockings with suspenders or hold ups.  They take more time to put on, they feel much warmer, they are an absolute pain when going to the toilet!  However, i love how they feel on my legs and most of all on my tiny sissy clit if i pull it out from my panties and allow it to be caressed by the nylon.  Tights allow me to caress and stroke my clit through the material which provides an amazing sensation and then of course there is the climax of my weak sissy squirts pumping out into the nylon.  Such a naughty girl!
The wonderful internet has quite a lot of hot porn clips which feature Real Men cumming hard and spraying their love over Women wearing tights.  i find there is something really hot about watching their cum splash out in pulses, landing all over the tights the Women are wearing - a favourite is when they cum on Her from behind, Her panties showing through the tights. 
For me they are not going to replace stockings and suspenders as the most sexiest thing a Woman or sissy can wear but i am so pleased that i have 'discovered' them.  x


  1. Hey AJ! You go nearly the best part of a month without a post then you give us two in two days girl! Glad to see you are still here honey, we don't want you disappearing on us. Yes we call them pantyhose and I sure can't get what the tights name comes from. One of my lovers is a guy I can only have quickies with through the day and he insists that I wear pantyhose instead of nylons and garterbelt. The thing is he simply rips open a hole at the front and a hole at the back to take me. When I know we are going to meet I have to take two pairs which is no great deal since Tanya is paying for them and she gets to see the holes and any evidence of our passion on my pantyhose. Like you I do prefer stockings with a garterbelt but when a lover demands something..... did I mention it already? You have a great ass! Stephanie x

  2. Wonderful post! i love tights of all colors but am especially fond of white ones while wearing some pink panties underneath them!


  3. Where are you?

    1. I'm still here! Thank you for your concern. A very eventful time since my lat post and I promise to get back blogging soon! x

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  5. Oh yes of course,shimmering silky sexy tights-or pantyhose sometimes referred to. With or without darling satin and lace panties. So incredibly tantalizing on one's cleanly shaven legs! Show some of that leg-cross and uncross those sexy gams whilst creating a cock hardening swoosh of nylon!

  6. Hi dear! Your tushy looks great! hee hee... nice to find you again :) cd sara